MERLOT – Mini Lip Shine


Merlot” represents the red wine, with a mix of dark shade of red and maroon color. To make it pop and fun we added some glitter fantasy with all the colors you can imagine, and a blue reflex into it. Like “Honey” lipshine the glitter in “Merlot” is pretty strong and has a high shine.

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DESCRIPTION: Merlot liquid lip shine Ultra- pigmented gloss/shine that can be worn alone or layered over lip color to add a touch of luster and glitter to lips. The vitamin-rich shine will help to condition and protect your lips. The best part of it is non – tacky, doesn’t absorb quickly on your lips so you don’t have to touch up every minute * the dream of everyone*.
It can be worn alone to give lips life back with a touch of glitter, but when you apply it as a layer on top of your favorite Sellma Lip Matte that’s when It makes the difference.

APPLICATION TIPS: To take it to another level and a more long-lasting glossy lip, apply it on top of “Kiss” lip matte for a holiday, avant-garde look or top of “XOXO” and “Royal” lip mattes for a high fashion, innovative and different look perfectly paired with nude simple eye look and your favorite Sellma Lashes.


 87.46 x 25.23 mm
 Weight  6 g


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