DIAMOND – Mini Lip Shine


“Diamond” is a clear, ultra-pigmented lip shine, filled with crushed diamond looking glitter. This lip shine is dazzling and can easily be worn at any event, since it’s simple, yet luxurious. It’s also lip hydrating.

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Diamond Liquid Lip Shine is a clear ultra-pigmented lip shine filled with crushed diamond looking glitter. It’s also a lip hydrating product.

It’s simple and also glamorous, which makes it a must-have makeup product.

Diamond Shine was inspired by the origins of the word itself in greek mythology. Unconquerable and invincible, there’s something daring about it. It represents the sun, purity, and perfection. And no doubt, you’ll be looking no less than perfect.


“Diamond” can be worn on clear lips alone and also be paired up with any of the Sellma Lip Mattes, such as, “Coral”, “Latte” or “Blush”.



 87.46 x 25.23 mm
 Weight  6 g


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