CHIANTI – Lip Pencil


Chianti lip pencil is a dark brown, subdued, dusty violet purple with a mauve undertone.

Symbolizing beauty as the Plum Tree itself, it was a must for us to have a lip pencil of this color. Unique and fresh, is perfect for a bold and beautiful lip.

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DESCRIPTION: Chianti is a high quality wood lip pencil, used to define or re-define your natural lip line. Wood makes it easier to have a well-sharpened lip pencil. It helps your favorite SELLMA lipmatte or lipshine to glide gently over the lips, prolongs lip color, and gives the illusion of fuller lips.


  • For fuller bigger lips:
  1. Start with the lower lip, follow the natural lip line side to side
  2. Continue on the upper lip, follow carefully your cupids bow
  3. Blend the contours lightly with the lip pencil to ensure the line looks natural
  4. Fill in with SELLMA Lipmatte “XOXO” starting from the center toward corners to blend the two together


  • Prolong lip color:
  1. Outline your lips with Chianti lip pencil
  2. Fill in starting from the lip line towards the center
  3. Using it as a base maximizes your lip mattes/lip shines hold

* Chianti is best paired with XOXO Lip Matte.


 Dimensions  127 x 6.7 mm
 Weight  1.1  g


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