PEACH – Mini Lip Shine


Peach is a light tangerine orange with champagne reflex, “Peach” Lip Shine is subtle, yet profound. It doesn’t scream for attention, but it certainly gets the attention naturally, in a laid back manner. This Lip Shine is perfect for spring, summer and autumn, because it’s so versatile you can easily wear it to any occasion and your lips will look perfectly in theme.

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DESCRIPTION: Peach” was inspired by the fruit itself. It symbolizes youth and immortality. We wanted to have a Lip Shine that expresses the feminine charm, softness, peace and purity and “Peach” is exactly that. It’s comfortable, long-lasting and highly pigmented.

APPLICATION TIPS: “Peach” looks amazing alone and paired up. If you want a natural look, on clear lips line the preferred shape with lip pencils “Cinnamon” or “Maple” and then, apply “Peach”. And if you want more of a glamorous look, add lip mattes such as “Blush” or “Latte” and then, add “Peach” on top.


 87.46 x 25.23 mm
 Weight  6 g


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