LIPS – Mini Lip Matte


In color “Lips” is a baked clay lip matte that is also identical with the natural color of your lips. It has a creamy, rich texture and a high intensity pigment in color that hydrates your lips.

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“Lips” Liquid Lip Matte is a matte liquid lipstick, with a rich and smooth texture. It eliminates the dried out lips, leaving them comfortable and feeling silky, with intense hydration from natural extracts providing non-drying and all-day comfort.


Line the preferred lip shape to get your lips bigger with our lip pencils, such as, “Deep Plum”, “Mocha” “Cinnamon” or “True Brown”, apply a little bit of “Lips”, fill in your lips some more with one of the lip pencils and then, once again, apply “Lips” Lip Matte for a smooth finishing touch.


 87.46 x 25.23 mm
 Weight  6 g


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