IDOL – Liquid Lip Matte

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Idol is a beautiful burgundy color. When you wear this lip you will instantly feel admirable, loved and respected.

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DESCRIPTION: Idol is a weightless liquid lipstick with smooth matte finish. High-impact color and low-maintenance long wear lip matte. Provided by its creamy rich texture and high intensity of pigmented color that dresses the lips with intense hydration and antioxidant care.

APPLICATION TIPS: On clear lips, apply directly your favorite Sellma Lipmatte, a little bit of product goes the long way, after it dries for a few seconds, give your lips the preferred shape with a lip liner similar to the lipmatte for a more natural looking lip or two shades darker to add depth and dimension.
Dries matte and stays on for hours, while at the same time it eliminates the dried out lips feeling and leaves them comfortable with a silky feel, hydrated from natural extracts providing non-drying and all-day comfort.





122 x 20 mm




33  g


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