DOLL – Liquid Lip Shine

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“Doll” is a deep pink, ultra-pigmented, lip shine with what we like to call “fantasy glitter”, which includes a mix of different high shines and also a blue reflex added to it. It’s lip-hydrating, comfortable and long lasting.

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DESCRIPTION:The inspiration behind “Doll” was childhood. We wanted a product that was reminiscent of our childhoods, filled with toys and dolls.

At that time, a doll was our bestie and this lip shine is going to be your bestie in adulthood. We don’t play with dolls, anymore.

Now, we wear it and look fabulous.

APPLICATION TIPS:For a simple, chic look, wear “Doll” alone on clear lips. And if you want to take it up a notch, firstly, line the preferred lip shape with our lip pencil “Antique Rose” or “Orchid Rose”, add “Blush” Lip Matte and then, apply “Doll”.





122 x 20 mm




33  g


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