CHILLI – Liquid Lip Shine

CHF 13.95

“Chilli” is a chilli red, ultra-pigmented, sparkling lip shine with “fantasy glitter”, which includes a mix of different high shines and also a blue reflex added to it. It’s lip-hydrating, comfortable and long lasting.



DESCRIPTION:“Chilli” speaks for itself. It represents having a hot, wild time and looking nothing less than fine. Since we got three different red lip mattes, already. It was about time we got ourselves a red lip shine and when “Chilli” came into life, we immediately fell in love with it. It’s obviously a leader of a color and if you’re feeling like leading, this is what you gotta wear to also look the part.


: If you’re going for a simpler look, wear “Chilli” alone on clear lips. And if you want to go the hardcore way, line the preferred lip shape with “Apple” Lip Pencil, apply one of our red lip mattes “HOT!”, “Kiss” or “Slay” and apply “Chilli” on top.





122 x 20 mm




33  g


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