CORAL – Liquid Lip Matte

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In color “Coral” is a living coral lip matte with a creamy, rich texture and a high intensity pigment in color that also hydrates your lips.

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DESCRIPTION:The inspiration behind “Coral” were our customers. For years, we’ve been asked to bring out a brand new Lip Matte of this kind of color and we had no choice, but to give the people what they want!

As mentioned above, the texture is smooth, rich and creamy. It dresses the lips with intense hydration and antioxidant care. And, of course, it’s long lasting and at the same time it eliminates the dried out lips, leaving them comfortable and silky.

APPLICATION TIPS:Line the preferred lip shape with our lip pencils, such as, “Cinnamon”, “Maple” or “True Brown”, apply a little bit of “Coral”, fill in your lips some more with one of the lip pencils and then, once again, apply “Coral” for a finishing touch.





122 x 20 mm




33  g


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