APRICOT–Liquid Lip Shine


“Apricot” Lip Shine is for the wild, the adventurous and for those who love summer days. Dark orange in color with a mix of gold glitter, it’s perfect for the hot season. You don’t have to do much when you put this lip gloss on, because the effortless beachy look is easily achieved with “Apricot”.

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Out of stock



DESCRIPTION: Apricot Lip Shine was inspired by the ancient Persians, as they called apricot “seed of the sun”. And that’s exactly what we wanted to incorporate into the feeling of the lip shine. When you put “Apricot” Lip Shine on you’ll feel your lips giving off the sunny shining vibe and you’ll have all the summer vibes you need to go on and enjoy your days. It hydrates the lips, it’s ultra pigmented and long-lasting, and you can wear it alone or pair it with your favorite Sellma Lip Matte, such as “Candy”.

APPLICATION TIPS: On clear lips, line the preferred shape with Sellma Lip Pencil “Maple” or “Cinnamon”, and then apply “Apricot”. And if you feel like you want to glam it up a notch pair it with Lip Mattes such as “Latte”, “Xoxo” and “Candy”.





122 x 20 mm




7  g



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