Sellma Kasumoviq is a Makeup Master, Entrepreneur, International Makeup Instructor, Head Teacher at AAB University in Pristina, Kosova, Phinesse Makeup Master of PhiAcademy, Founder / Creative Lead of SELLMA Brand, and founder of SELLMA Shop.

Her entrepreneurship journey started with passion for art as a child. At an early age she loved drawing face portraits, and while growing up she applied her artistic skills in doing makeup.

At age 13, in her free time, she started assisting in a cosmetic store where she also applied her natural makeup skills to store costumers. In the meantime she completed a German makeup training and few other trainings in Pristina, and has graduated in Graphic Design from Pristina University, Kosova.

In 2004, just before turning 20, Sellma established her own business Studio SELLMA, which was one among few makeup studios in the country at the time. Her distinctive makeup styles and techniques, and her artistic eye, gained not only local but also regional and international clients, therefore she expanded the Studio by moving to larger premises. Her company consists of 14 permanent makeup artists, and 20 during the peak season. Sellma has become a Trend Maker and Makeup Influencer.

Today, after 15 years of hard work Studio SELLMA is a home to many local, regional and world known artists, and is a makeover heaven for clients not only from Kosova but from all over the world. Wide range of clientele include, among others, Dua Lipa, the personalities in politics, celebrities, brides, models, TV hosts, actresses and dancers.

She has worked and continues the collaboration with HUDA Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Natasha Denona and various worldwide known makeup artists and brands. In June 2015, Sellma was invited, among very few internationally known makeup artists, by Huda Kattan in Dubai, where she impressed Kattan sisters with her makeup techniques. Her work is recognized by makeup artists, and top World’s beauty influencers like Pat McGrath, Sir John, Mario Dedivanovic etc. In 2017 the Makeupbyariel – Ariel Tejada’s Masterclass in Tirana was sponsored by SELLMA Cosmetics Products.

In 2015 she decided to use her abilities for producing her own brand – SELLMA Brand. After working closely with a selected producer and going through loads of researches, developments and testing, she launched her first line of SELLMA Lip Matte in September 2016, which proved to be an instant hit product. Since then she has continuously added new products to her brand such as Lip Matte different nuances, Lip Shines, Eyelashes, Mascaras, Brow Pencils and Highlighters.

Sellma’s dedication to makeup artistry has led her to take the journey of a trainer as well. She is an entitled Makeup Crafts Master by internationally known PhiAcademy under the branch of PhiNesse that offers trainings and online courses in different countries.

She is also head teacher at AAB University / German Professional School / Makeup Section in Pristina, Kosova. By teaching the students about new trends and techniques, they turn into professional makeup artists.

25 years of experience in beauty field makes her one of the best makeup artists in Europe, and beyond.

Sellma’s goal is to pass on her makeup skills to others, and also, by taking herself as an example, to encourage them, especially women, that they can achieve their goals starting from nowhere.



Sellma Cosmetics was launched in 2016 by makeup master Sellma Kasumoviq.
Having worked in the field of makeup for more than fifteen years, Sellma decided it was time to bring something new to the table.

Our first launch were four lip mattes (Latte, Blush, Xoxo, Kiss), which sold out immediately, and that was the beginning of our brand, which now consists of over fifty products.

“When I started this my only intention was to have my own products at my makeup studio. I didn’t have any intention of actually selling them commercially, but then, clients all around Kosovo and Albania were very interested so we decided to bring out qualitative and affordable products in my country. I haven’t thought this was going to be a worldwide thing at all!”, says Sellma.

Since then we have expanded our range of products from lip mattes to lip shines, lip pencils, eyelashes, mascara and highlighters, and we are looking forward to expand it even to a larger scale.

We ship our products worldwide in +seventy five countries, and in selected stores in the Balkans.

Sellma Cosmetics are made for everyone – for people who love makeup and creativity, and for people who inspire and are inspired.
Stay tuned for new products you will just love!


We love animals, our products are cruelty free.

Infused with vitamins, aloe vera and seed oil.